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भरतीय रबड् आँकड़े 2011-12

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Can you imagine how India got the productivity of 1819 kg/hectare in 2011. It is a mathematical game. Highest monthly production and lower balance stock at […]

मुख्य निर्देश

National Research Programme on Plantation Development Sponsored by Ministry of Commerce, Government of India

On the occasion of a national seminar on “Building Competitiveness in Globalised Era: Experience of India’s Plantation Sector” during 23-24 January 2012.

On 24 January 3:45 pm: Consultation with Stakeholders: Chaired by Mrs Sheela Thomas IAS and Dr A Jayathilak […]

कुच्छ महत्वपूर्ण कडी

रोज की स्वाभाविक रबड् भाव लभ्यता और आवश्यकता विश्लेषण 2011-12 रबड् आँकडे की विश्लेषण