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Shame on Media

Written news received to the Media publishes with out any verification. Is the evidences available on the pages published by keralafarmer irritative one? We have experts on Statistics and Economics. What they want to say?  An evidence of irregularities in Rubber Production with a missing of 56953 Tonnes Up to November 2011

Picture Courtesy: Mathrubhumi

The Rubber Board has forecast that the production in 2011-12 is likely to increase by 4.6 per cent to 9,02,000 tonnes, and consumption by 2.9 per cent to 9,77,000 tonnes. Meanwhile, imports are slated to fall this year even as exports are expected to grow. The year is likely to end with a stock of 2,71,000 tonnes, marginally higher than last year’s level.


Please verify the above details with the following to ensure the irregularities.

Ref: (Latest by the Rubber Board)

Latest Monthly Rubber Statistical News: Published in January 2012.

Compiled by Statistics & Planning Department, Rubber Board

Printed and Published By M. G. Sathees Chandran Nair, Dy. Director (P&PR), Rubber Board, Kottayam-686 002

Phone: 2301231; Fax: 2571380, E-mail: [email protected]

Rubber Board published a higher production for the year 2011-12 with highest stock with Growers. Balance stock of previous year also higher to highlight the highest productivity among the World. By a compiled statistics analysis it is evident that a Missing figure added as +Ve which means stock balance published as a reduced figure. The missing is visible on both Natural and synthetic rubber. Low priced export can be lime lighted  with the help of RTI Act 2005.The media speculation on this issue is a challenge against common man.

Details of 2010-11

Production 2010-11 :: 8619560 Tonnes.

Listen the truth ::

Sale of Natural Rubber by Growers  Up to November 2010-11 – 527460 Tonnes 2011-12 – 572385 Tonnes

Purchase by manufacturers Up to November 2010-11 – 553448 Tonnes (excess purchase from the stock with dealers/processors)  2011-12 – 498292 Tonnes

Opening Stock of October 279550 + Production 89300 + Import 7772 = Availability 376622 Tonnes

Balance Stock of October 243000 + Consumption 76495 + Export 2981 = 322476 Tonnes

How to Tally? By adding the missing of 54146 Tonnes