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Symposium on “Opportunities and Challenges in Agri-Trade”

In third session -‘Narration of success stories/ Sharing of experiences’

Moderator Shri R.Heli, Former Director of Agriculture

 ‘Narration of Success Stories’

The presentations are as follows:-

1. Findings from my experiments and experiences are sharing to the public through Internet facility and free software. Many of IT professionals including  internet users  have not  attempted to change over from the softwares of Microsoft to the Freely available ones like GNU/Linux, Ubuntu etc. I have been successfully using these software without any problems.

2. The analysis done by me of Indian Rubber Statistics published by the Indian Rubber Board in my blogs are unique.  Such type of analysis have not been attempted by anybody so far. I feel that this analysis has resulted in sustaining the International Market price of Rubber. Many research students all over India are utilizing these published analytical figures for their research papers. Eg. Sandeep Yadav a MBA student from Gujarat  and his Mobile No. 9879329132, Email: [email protected]

3. Brown bast disease; remedial measures found out from my experiments and experiences. Ref: in Kairali people channel presented by NTV, as blog post etc.

4. I have developed my own system of drying agricultural produces with minimum expenditure and time.  The page I published is available in this post.

I am thankful to Govt. of Kerala and the WTOCell Kerala (Special Thanks to Special Officer A.Srija) for giving a valuable chance to present the reality in front of the experts from Agricultural Sector.

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