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taping to extract food storage

Marking with the help of Guj Knife for Controlled Downward Tapping against CUT of Indian Rubber Board and IUT of Dr. L. Thankamma.

Marking for CDT with the help of Guj Knife

The tapping ladder with a height of 4.5 feet to tap from the branch union of rubber trees.

Controlled Downward Tapping against CUT and IUT

The tapping from branch union in winter and rainy season for aged trees to get more yield from food storage.

The flow of latex is from bottom to top, because the food storage at Phelloderm can’t bring down. After the tapping ‘A’ panel this type of Controlled Downward Tapping is helpful to save the trees in winter OR rainy season and to increase production without damaging milk vessels. The tapping ladder is easy to carry from one place to another by folding  it to a comfortable stage. Guj Knife can be used to mark on both sides from bottom to branch union. In summer the tapping panel at lower level will get more production.

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