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7 वीं शिकायत

Grievance DOCOM/E/2020/00010 dt 04-01-2020 submitted

हालांकि पीजीपोर्टल में छठी शिकायतें दर्ज की गई हैं, लेकिन समस्या पूरी तरह से हल नहीं हुई है। इसलिए सातवी शिकायत दर्ज की थी। परंतू जो शक दर्ज की थी उस के सिवाय कुच्छ और जवाब देकर मुह बंद करने की कोशिस की। क्या यही शक था?

I […]

500 और 1000 रुपयों की विमुद्रीकरण

#Arindkegriwal #Narendramodi #Arunjaitly #Thomasisaac #Facebook My heartiest Congratulations to Hon Prime Minister Narendra Modi for your Sudden step to ban old note 500 and 1000 rupees from 8th November 2016 at 8 PM.

Thanks to Facebook for providing a social media for me to publish my views and findings.

I learned up to Matriculation […]

अन्ना हजारे को तिरुवनन्तपुरम के लोगों की समर्थन

Keralafarmer: “Support from Trivandrum to Anna Hazare”

Govt agrees to Anna Hazare’s demands on Lokpal Bill: Reports Social activist Anna Hazare speaks during the 4th day of his indefinite fast for ‘Jan Lokpal Bill’, in New Delhi on Friday. NEW DELHI: Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption is believed to have won the battle on Friday […]

सी-डाक और भरतीय भाषाई यू.आर.एल

Suggested framework for Malayalam URLs ‘flawed’

Technical inconsistencies and ‘mistakes’ mar initial spadework

C-DAC game for another round of consultations

Developer community seeks technical debate

KOCHI: The initial technical spadework done to pave the way eventually for the use of Malayalam in Internet domain names (website addresses) is riddled with technical […]