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Thanks to Ramachandran (Mktg manager ceat tyres)

  1. Ramachandran Says:

    Dear Mr. Nair,I am amazed the details you have collected on Natural rubber and my sincere appreciation for the same.Imports of any material happens due to three considerations :Quality
    Availability and
    Price.In the case of Natural Rubber there is always a tendency to throttle availability to achieve maximum price. A good deal of stockists have emerged in the market since 2003 (when the futures market started) and they comfortably take positions at 10% of the value of the goods.The result of this is well known. During the peak production time , the futures market quoted Rs. 118 per kg while physical market was at Rs. 95 to Rs. 98 per kg. There were no sellers in physical market at these levels of prices also.This has led to all consumers to imports (which were cheaper at that time) only to be sure of the availability during the lean season. As imports arrived the demand went down which lead to lowering of prices. Many good dealers are trapped having high priced stocks unable to sell at lower levels of prices.Now again the same thing is happening in May 2007. Looking at international market fresh players have entered in the indian futures market since 16.5.07 jacking up the futures prices higher than physical prices. Selling does not happen even if the consumer offers a prices of Rs. 86 per kg. May be a repetition of Oct- Dec 2006 again.

    Elsewhere in the world market for playing in futures market the margin money is much higher than 10% and there is a regulatory body which declared the open positions and have limits for every player. Here we do not have any such provisions and you are aware of what happened on 05.03.07 in the futures market – on a single day the futures market crashed by Rs. 9 per kg , pulling the physical market down. Lot of dealers lost good amount of money in this.

    I feel if the futures market for rubber is stopped and if rubber board ensures material to the consumers at the reasonable prices all times the market can function smoothly.



  2. Smooth market can function only by avoiding the middle men. QRMS can solve the problem by availing rubber directly from farmers on no loss no profit basis.

    Traders call for ban on rubber Futures

  3. The Rubber Board does not favour any ban on futures trading in the commodity, according to Mr Sajan Peter, Chairman. “We are not for complete ban of rubber futures. At the same time, we would like the futures to have a positive effect on the growers. They (growers) will have to get a fair idea of how prices will behave in the future,” he said, when contacted on rumours that the Centre was toying with the idea of banning rubber futures.

From the above points we can see that feature trading is beneficial when it have a control of stock under custody in humidity controlled storages in all districts of Kerala with a direct co-operation of farmers and it have to function under the control of a regulatory body. Now the feature trading may be functioning without handling Rubber. The need of grading transperancy have to be implemented by displaying various grade sheets (Full sheets) at purchasing centers. Dealers are not under control of Rubber Board on grading exploitation. Rubber Board have to come in to fields to workout grading transparency on sale deed. Instead of GREEN BOOK display of various grade sheets are helpful to farmers to get a reasonable price for their various grades. QRMS can display grade sheets for purchase to sell on the same grade from the members.


S.Chandrasekharan Nair

Mob: 9447183033

2 comments to Thanks to Ramachandran (Mktg manager ceat tyres)

  • Pankaj Bhatnagar

    Mr Nair
    First of all congratulations for making such a nice ecchange platform.Your painstaking efforts are reflected in huge data base(accompanied with sharp analysis)
    I agree to Ramchandran’s views with a little difference.Instead of closing down futures trading we need to involve more and more Producers and ultimate end consumers to make a future market successful.Over a period of time future deals are to be converted into deliveries.This can happen only once the manufacturers enter into this market.
    coming back to the pricing issue,the prices in India are also being governed by demand and supply factor.But it is a free flow of market forces when the prices are moving up,otherwise in opposite scenario the cruthces from the Minimum price,export subsidy are raked in.
    There were times when Govt had announced Minimum price of Rs 32.09 per kg but in actual the trading was done between 28 and 29 rs per kg.
    Almost all the big rubber consumers have cried ove increase in price but if you see their last quarter earnings in India,they have gone up quite considerably despite of High Rubber Prices.
    Let it be a free for all in this trade,manufacturer import from the cheapest sources and producers export to other countries.There will definitely be a imrovement in quality of locally available materials and more importantly change in attitude at both the ends.the only thing required is no intervention from the Govt side.

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