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Blog Stats for Indian Natural

Rubber as on 17-7-07

These are terms people used to find my blog
Visited Posts on Friday
natural rubber price trend 12
Indian Rubber Stats at a glance
who the rubber rates going up and down i 4 Price trend for 2007-08 13
Indian Natural Rubber Statistics 4
Price of Natural Rubber 2006-07
rain guard rubber tapping 3
Supply and Demand for the year 2006-07
kerala formic acid price 3
Area, Production and productivity
RUBBER PRICE 2 marketing system of rubber 5
rates of indian rubber 1
EthreL the hazardous chemical yield stim
Rubber statistics from 1955 to 2006 1 Monthly Rubber Statistical News 2
RUBBER tapping period 1 Latest Updates – Publishing periodically 1
rubber plantation chemicals import india 1 Indian Rubber as per Econonic Survey 200 1
Total Visitors 117…
1 (Referer)

17-7-07 was the best day for ever with 117 Visitors on my blog.

EthreLThis image is an example of the total visits on the post EthreL the hazardous chemical yield stimulant used in rubber plantations. This subject also includes in a petition at High court of Kerala filed by Smt. L.Thankamma. The statistics and details with number of visitors on each post are helpful to a blogger to satisfy his posts. I am thankful to the hands behind

Monthly Visits on this blog from Apr 07 Monthly visit on this blog shows the increase of visitors without any comments from 1st April 2006 to 22nd Aug 2007 . The information available in it is sufficient to reach through search words through various search engines. From last few years I was not able to maintain this blog due to the inefficiency for handling English properly. Now I am confident that my poor English is sufficient to limelight the analysis of Indian Rubber Statistics.

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