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A Rubber Cultivator Presents


Date : 15-04-2003
Platform – Height 45 Cms, Length 225 Cms, Width 90 Cms.
Smoke house – Height 120 Cms, Length 210 Cms, Width 60 Cms. (inside cabin)
Capacity : 65 Rubber Sheets of 3 mm thick can be dried. *
1. Drying complete within 24 hours.
2. Low cost smoke house for small growers to avoid exploitation due to drying.
3. Sheets of same stage of dryness could be smoked/dried together.
4. Smoke house size depends upon maximum daily production.
5. Avoids burning of sheets inside smoke house due to oxygen shortage.
6. Degree of smoking on sheets as per requirement.
7. Insulated internally to avoid energy wastage.
8. Easy handling with the help of rail and trolley.
9. Provision available for the exhaustion of initial smoke.
10. Built-in hearth is provided to reduce the waste of fuel to the minimum.
11. Cost of construction depends upon the material used.
12. Easily available fuel can be used for heat energy.
13. Modification can be done as per requirement. *
14. Any agricultural produce can be dried with or with out smoke.
15. Temperature inside smoke house can be regulated.
16. No dripping as it is converted into steam which can be let out through the outlet.

How to smoke/dry Rubber Sheets
Firstly open the exhaust valve and close inlet valve. Open the hearth door and insert firewood in to it over the gratings. Then set fire to it and allow the waste smoke to go through the exhaust. Open the main door, pull out the trolley and hang the rubber sheets on ropes provided for them. Push the trolley in to the cabin and close the main door with the help of latches. Close the hearth door with the help of latch and ensure that there is no obstruction at the air intake. When the black smoke becomes lighter after ensuring that the regulator is closed then open the inlet valve and close the exhaust valve. The outlet valve shows the hot air and light smoke by the movement of the flap. (Caution) If partially dried sheets are in the cabin sparks may cause fire due to the availability of oxygen in the cabin. Open the regulator fully and permit the smoke to the required condition by adjusting the regulator. Close the regulator gradually and permit the steam to go out through the outlet valve. The rubber sheets have to be neutralised with clean limewater to avoid the reaction of formic acid with heat. Maximum dryness can be done if solar energy is available. The solar energy provides infra red and ultra violet rays for the rubber sheets which protects fungus. If water content on rubber sheets is high, allow the temperature up to 70 Degree Celsius for 6 to 8 hours to allow the steam to go out quickly to avoid dripping. Regulate the heat according to the availability of water and freshness on the sheets. At the time of drying on lower heat, the outer area dries and becomes as insulated covering on fresh part inside the sheets with yellow colour. In high temperature, heat can pass into the fresh sheets easily. Partially dried sheets have to be given low heat according to dryness and colour of smoke can be adjusted with the help of regulator as required. Temperature gauge or thermometer for measuring from 50 to 75 Degrees Celsius can be used. Within 24 hours, sheets can be dried at the condition for sale. At a time, all the sheets hanging in the cabin must be in the same stage of dryness. The size of the cabin has to modify according to the maximum availability of daily production. If each small grower is capable to prepare quality sheets within 24 hours at minimum cost of production, they can avoid exploitation by dealers. It helps the farmers to defend the adverse effects of globalisation and privatisation. Well-dried sheet will not be affected by fungus easily on storing for a reasonable period at storages.

How to dry other agricultural produces
The smoke has to be exhausted fully and temperature can be adjusted by quantity of firewood with the help of inlet valve and regulator. Which ever be the weather, farmers will be capable to keep their agricultural produces at their storage, which can safeguard from spoiling, to fetch a reasonable price. Various trolleys with insulator like bamboo mats can be used at different levels as required.

NOTE: This technology of invention is free for farmers. You can build your own drier with more efficiency according to your need.

Welcome Farmers. This Universal Agricultural Drier is my present for you to dry your Agricultural produces as soon as possible. My finding is not for commercial purpose. The technology is completely free for farmers. 

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