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What is Rubber Missing?

Missing is a mathematical error in Indian Rubber Statistics to reduce price for long period. Opening stock + Production + Import = Total Availability & Consumption + export = Total Consumption. By reducing consumption from Total Availability we will not get the balace stok without a missing figure on both Natural and Synthetic Rubbers. The following images are the  screen shots of monthly rubber statistical news published by Indian Rubber Board. The missing from April 1996 to  March 2008 is worked in spread sheets and published in this link . From 96 April to 2002 March the missing was positive which means redused figure of balance stock was published to reduce price. From April 2002 to March 2008 the negative missing is continueing to control the higher  prices  

Image 1

stock-bal-07Image 2


Image 3


Image 4


Image 5


Image 6


Total Availability = Opening stock + Production + Import (163530 + 825345 + 89295 ) = 1078170 Tonnes

Total Consumption = Consumption + Export (861455 + 60280) =921735 Tonnes

Balance Stock  = Total Availability – Total Consumption (1078170 – 921735 = 156435 ), but Rubber Board published as 167120 Tonnes.

Missing = 167120 – 156435 = 10685 Tonnes.


The data published in the site of Rubber Board through monthly rubber statistical news is entirely different from Annual Rubber Statistics. Only the image of the cover page is available on the web site not content.

For more details Visit –  Monthly rubber statistical news‍ || Updated details on spread sheets of


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