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Who is Shashi Tharoor?

What is the quality of Lalit Modi in front of Hon. Minister Dr. Tharoor?
Allegations Against Modi

* He operated as a ‘Super Chief Minister’ from the opulent Rambagh Palace Hotel
* Used his proximity to then CM Vasundhararaje to control key civil servants who would take files to his hotel suite
* Facilitated entry of big builders in the state. Every big land deal had to have his clearance.
* Influenced change in the liquor policy which led to the proliferation of liquor outlets. Became an election issue.
* Had a finger in every pie, including mines
* Personally acquired havelis in Amer by bending the law
* Has an extravagant lifestyle, owns a private jet. Would stay for days in the luxury suite of the Rambagh Palace Hotel.
* Influenced the enactment of the Rajasthan Sports Act to gain control over the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA)
* Accused of forging signature to become a member of the RCA
* Rode roughshod over anyone who crossed his path, whether it was a constable or an IPS officer. A slapping incident sparked a near-revolt in the Jaipur police.
* Was named in an FIR for misappropriation of RCA funds. The money has subsequently been deposited with the RCA.
* Convicted in the United States for possession of drugs and kidnapping in 1985
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Shashi Tharoor’s return to India after a distinguished and celebrated career
When I turned on the television, when I refreshed my twitter or when I checked my BlackBerry Messenger, only one question seemed pertinent; do these people truly know Shashi Tharoor?

Over the months gone by, the Indian Union Minister of State for External Affairs, Dr. Shashi Tharoor has been repeatedly in the public eye, but hardly ever about his accomplishments and undertakings or his unrelenting efforts at building relations with foreign countries. If I defend him, it will appear partial and if I cringe at the horrendous allegations against him, it will be alleged that my judgement is clouded. Therefore, allow me to take you on a short journey as we delve into the life of Shashi Tharoor. It will allow you to decide who he really is.

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The people of Trivandrum Parliment Constituency elected him as an MP.
Total Voters : 11,18,086
Total Poll : 7,34,924
Shashi Tharoor got : 326725 (Margin : 99998)
Adv. Ramachandran Nair got : 226727
Dr. Neelalohithdasan Nadar : 86233
P.K. Krishnadas : 84094
Did you think about how Dr. Tharoor got a good Margin?
* He conducted the election and met expences from his pocket
* His pomise after election he will be the representative of the entire people of Trivandrum beyond party politics (which he can’t maintain)
* His promis to allot a person who is non-politician at each assembly constotuency to hear the complaints of the public (Congress can’t permit)
* His promis for High Court Bench (he worked for this at his level best)
* His promis on Vizhinjam Port (State Govt. didn’t submited this to Central Govt. But by bringing Barzilona Team for further to do it)
* His stand against HARTHAL and BANDH which is against the development of the Constituency, State and for the Nation.
* His promis to build Trivandrum to International level (Twin City with Barzilona Failed due to the non co-operation of State Govt and Trivandrum Corporation)
* His knowledge in English and Hindi was capable to act an MP in the Parliment
* His tweets and site accesible to the public or to interact (non of the MP can’t do like this)
You can read more about the promises of Dr. Tharoor in Malayalam has so far maid, HERE >>>
The direct recruitment as MP above politics with the support of PM Manmohan Singh and Party Chief Sonia Gandhi. This is a reason of jelousy of few senior leaders. Left parties know that they lost Trivandrum Constituency for ever due to Dr. Tharoor. BJP had a highest Vote Bank in Kerala is Trivandrum which is going down. Thus they are against Dr. Tharoor. The educated people of Trivandrum will be always with Dr. Tharoor beyond party politics to get a mejority at any level or any party he is conducting. IPL Kochi got by the interest and initiative of Dr. Tharoor.

4 comments to Who is Shashi Tharoor?

  • some guy

    There’s more to Shashi Tharoor than you’ve outlined.

    — He’s also an avid advocate of Coca Cola, the same company that has poisoned the ground water of many Kerela farmers and exploited the natural resources of Kerela mercilessly without a regard for law or humanity.

    Shashi Tharoor defended Coca Cola’s actions aggressively in his writings.

    He has also been charged with spending public money on stays in 5 star hotels though later when this came to light he offered to pay from his own pocket (which are very deep by the way, and where does he earn all that money from, you can imagine.)

    — During his stay in the UN he promoted his would be wife, handing her important official positions… What’s he doing for Pushkar is that any different?

    You seem to have too much confidence in Mr. Tharoor. He let the people of India down in the Saudi (invited them to act as mediators with Pakistan), and also in the UN (failed to get a single thing done that would benefit India).

    I see him as an utter failure and an opportunist who has been invited by the Congress party on the behest of the Western corporate cartel to help their cause of exploiting India.

    • Dear Guy, To avoid anonimity I added your IP under your comment.
      Your comment is away from truth. One who is politically feeded he can’t follow humanity. Think as an indipendent person like me then you will surely support him.
      Few words about Western Corporate. Why Kerala Govt conducted a Global Investers meet? Why inviting Global tenders for Vizhinjam port? All these are an evidence of anti corporate? I am also agsinst Like Monsanto which is corporate.

  • desertfox

    After having all these stuff with Tharoor, why Mr. Manmohan Sigh didnt support him and asked him to resign? Any avid reasons?
    But Lalit Modi didn’t lose anything at all.
    What may be the reason boss?
    Now we can see what Mr Tharoor is going to do for his constituency. He has 4 years ahead to prove he is the one TVM needs.

  • Rajan

    – Tharoor supports philanthropic activities of Coca-Cola; and he would do so if they were sponsored by some else too.
    – He never asked Saudi Arabia to act as mediator bw India and Pakistan. He only said Saudi Arabia is a valuable interlocutor for us. Please google the meaning of interlocutor. Also notice his usage of “for us”
    – Those who criticize him for the usage of the word cattle-class, please look up its meaning first. Also, you may read the Wikipedia entry for “economy class”
    – and more… all the allegations against him are baseless, and are creations of media and his opponents. Let the truth prevail. Innocent until proven guilty.