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Why I Joined AAP

Chandrasekharan Nair (64) was not a member of any other political parties. He is an ex-service man who retired from Indian Army after 17 years of Service took up self-employment as a farmer. Post retirement as a civilian and as a common man he faced many issues related to trade union hooliganism and goondaism supported and sponsored by ruling political parties of the State of Kerala. The major problems faced by him were in the areas of loading unloading of house hold goods, building material for his house while construction and labour for paddy cultivation and  harvesting.

When the first Gram Sabha came into being years back he was hopeful of getting justice for the common man with the intervention of elected representatives from the Government. Unfortunately for him the first Ward Sabha which he attended with hundreds of Voters proved to be a huge disappointment. Here they were compelled to attend and listen to the lecture given by a retired party worker on “Neerthadaadhishtitha Padhhathi”. When the Panchayat member addressed the audience Sri Chandrasekharan Nair requested the Panchayat member to afford him an opportunity to speak for a few minutes. She permitted him. However when he presented the difficulties he was facing as a common man related to agriculture, the Panchayat President was extremely annoyed and shouted, “Who permitted him to talk?” and switched off the mike. The audience did not object to this.  This incident made him lose faith and trust in the prevalent system of Ward Sabha.
Subsequently when elections were being conducted for Panchayat, Block and District level members, he had gone for casting his vote to the  booth with his wife. There he received three sets of ballot papers. He returned the Block and District level ballot papers to the issuing authority and asked them to cancel it because after election, these people are never seen by the common man for the next five years and that they display absolute apathy to the concerns of the common man. The authorities made them wait in queue for a very long time intentionally to complete the formalities.  This was done basically to harass him, his wife and others who were waiting for their turn so that indirect mob pressure would be put on him and his family for outwardly voicing his feelings. After this incident his wife has never gone to cast her vote till date.
During another occasion he had gone alone to cast his vote and after signing in the appropriate register for marking his presence; when he said that he does not wish to vote for any of the candidates who stood for election, he was made to wait in the polling booth for hours together since the Presiding Officer of the booth did not what to do in such a kind of situation. He was asked by the election agents appointed by the different political parties to vote for somebody and close the matter. The officials present there to assist the Presiding Officer said,”Why are you increasing our work?” The provisions of 49’O’ was not known to the Presiding Officer a Government official, designated and assigned for the purpose. It was nothing but a matter of shame.
When O.Rajagopal was contesting for Parliament Election, Shri. Chandrasekharan Nair handed over a write up on Rubber Farming  to him during the formers election campaign and requested him to take suitable steps on  existing irregularities related with natural rubber. No action was taken on the subject by Shri  Rajagopal.  On another assembly election he tried to talk for 5 minutes at a public meeting conducted by BJP. They didn’t permit him to talk. Due to the disappointment from political leaders he put up a banner on his gate “We are boycotting election”. None of the political parties approached him for vote from then on. Entire family didn’t cast vote for anyone.
Finally he worked at ShashiTharoor’s party office at the time of election to handle Malayalam script. Written Malayalam send through Email to him was typed in Unicode and sent back to them. Few decisions published by Tharoor   like two persons will be appointed to hear the complaints of common man, proper utilisation of MP fund, Sashi Tharoor’s art of public speaking attracted him to work and assist Sashi Tharoor in his campaign. After winning elections Sashi Tharoor failed to fulfil his promises to the people.
Shri Chandrashekharan Nair found complete solution to what he was looking for in the AAP. He completely agrees with the constitution of AAP. A few points which attracted him to AAP are:-
1.    There will be a stringent legislation against corruption called Jan Lokpal. This will allow the public to directly file the complaints against the corrupt leaders and officers and get justice.
Now-a-days the cases of corruption keep continuing for years without any resolution. All this while, the corrupt leaders keeps getting elected and plundering the country. Sometimes the cases are not resolved even till the death of the concerned person! Janlokpal legislation will ensure that investigation and litigation would be expedited. This will secure the conviction of a guilty person within two years, his assets would be confiscated and he would be expelled from his position. Cases against leaders will be promptly investigated and corrupt leaders will be jailed within six months.
2.    If Aam Aadmi Party comes to power, fast track courts will be constituted and CBI will be made an independent entity. Guilty people from all scams will be jailed within six months. All property of such people will be confiscated and deposited into Government coffers.
3.    A common man has to pay bribe to get work done in more or less all the government offices. Janlokpal legislation will determine the time frame and specific officers for different kind of work. If the work does not get done by that officer in the allotted time, there will be a penalty and that would be deducted from his salary and paid to the complainant.
4.    Aam Aadmi Party believes that this country belongs to people of all religions. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists —absence of any one of these will render the country incomplete. The diversity of India is its distinct trait. The people playing politics in the name of religion would be dealt with strictly. There would be zero tolerance towards attempts to spread poison towards any religion. All possible efforts would be made to make people respect all religions.
5.    Land from many villages is procured against the wishes of the owners and given to big industrialists and builders. Villagers, who lose their land, become unemployed and keep lamenting to no avail. Recently several scams have come to light where nexus of leaders and industrialists bought land very cheaply from farmers in the name of development, got the land use changed and sold it for enormous profit. Aam Aadmi Party believes this practice should be stopped. No land should be acquired without the permission of the Gram Sabha of that village. Only the Gram Sabha will have the right to decide if any land can be sold and at what price and terms. The right to change the Land Use will rest only with the Gram Sabha or Mohalla Sabha. This will ensure that farmers and other poor people of the village will be able to have stake in development and progress.
6.    Today after winning elections, our representatives have no time to listen to our problems even though they were elected because of our votes. Unfortunately, under the current electoral system, the people have to suffer such candidates for 5 years. AAP will enact a Right to Recall law wherein people can complain to the Election Commission anytime to recall their representative and call for fresh elections.
7.    No MP or MLA belonging to Aam Aadmi Party will use red light on his or her car.
8.     No member of the Aam Aadmi Party will take security guards after winning elections. People’s representatives should have the same security as is available to the common man.
9.   Members of Aam Aadmi Party will not live in a big government bungalow after winning. They will live in houses similar to housing used by the common man.
10.  Crores of rupees have to be paid by candidates to their parties for being nominated. Nominations in Aam Aadmi Party will be made after considering the views of the common people. The tickets will be given to those candidates who the people say it should be given to.
11. People accused of major crimes and huge corruptions are nominated as candidates by other parties. Such people will not be Nominated by Aam Aadmi Party.12. Today parties encourage and protect their corrupt leaders. All officials of Aam Aadmi Party will be subject to a strict Code of Conduct. The party has its own independent internal Lokpal . This will have retired judges and other prestigious persons. If any official of Aam Aadmi Party does anything wrong and any person complains, the Lokpal/Lokayukta will investigate and render its judgment in a time bound manner. If the Lokpal so orders, the guilty official will have to leave the party.
13. Parties collect thousands of crores of rupees in donations and do not disclose where these donations have come from. All donations received by Aam Aadmi Party will be put up on the party website. Details of all expenditure will also be available on the AAP website. No party shares the details of its expenditure with the people but AAP would do so.14. In others parties, Party workers have virtually no say in their parties. The party High Command has its way. Aam Aadmi Party will not have a High Command. Party workers will have an important place in AAP.15. Today all parties are dividing the nation on the basis of religion and caste. Vote bank is created on the basis of religion and caste. Aam Aadmi Party will never resort to politics based on religion or caste. AAP will try to unite our country. Dirty politics has divided our country, Good politics will unite us.
16. Women and youth will have a special place in our party. Positions will be reserved for women and youth in every committee.
17. Adequate provision has been made for the participation of Dalits and minorities. If they are under-represented in the working committees, there is provision for direct nomination also.
18. Nepotism has become a curse of our politics. The constitution of the Aam Aadmi Party prohibits the inclusion of two members of the same family in any committee. Similarly, not more than one member from any family will be nominated as the AAP candidate for standing in elections.
 Count the members of his ward which is 50% of Quorum on 30-11-2007

It would be worthwhile to mention over here that In order to complete the quorum a minimum of 10% of voters should participate in the Ward Sabha. They had shown 50 % voters attendance by doctoring the attendance sheet using false signatures of people who did not belong to the ward including their jeep driver, female helpers etc. They are indulging in this fraud for for allocation of funds for, sheep, cows etc on the decision of ward sabha. Read the post in Malayalam