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World Rubber Statistics and the roll of India

World Rubber Production and Consumption of both natural and synthetic rubber have no such fluctuation related with price.

The tricks and tactics by the bulk dealers and manufacturers are the reason for price fluctuations in the market. The month end stock and annual stock balances are manipulated to reduce prices. As a result price fluctuation is visible in trading. The biggest natural rubber producer Thailand is publishing only International FOB prices. But export and import wise-versa by India below the International price is an economic loss to the Nation and Kerala state (the biggest producer in India). Many of the export from India is far higher and many far lower to maintain the average below Domestic and International prices which is an attempt to bring down International prices on many occasions.

In the chart above average prices of export, import, International RSS 3 and Domestic RSS 4 are published to see the game of India in International market.

All prices are in rupees/quintal

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